545 Ohio Street

Mike Randolph, of Free State Properties, has rehabbed a number of core neighborhood properties over the years, and this one certainly caught our eye. He purchased this house and began a careful rehab after years of neglect. The project included a rebuilt porch, new roof, HVAC, insulation, kitchen and bath areas, landscape and paint. The original windows, siding, flooring and trim were restored.

Because the property is in the Pinckney I Historic District, the work plan required approval by the Lawrence Historic Resources Commission (HRC), and Mike was able to use the state Historic Tax Credit program to offset some of his costs. He has since sold the property, so the Pinckney neighborhood now has one more rehabbed house and one more happy homeowner.

821 Indiana Street

Trey and Rae Toman purchased this large Old West Lawrence home that had also fallen victim to years of deferred maintenance. Taking most of the summer, their project included a long list of general updates and repairs, painting, landscaping and renovation of interior spaces. They also are doing some foundation repair. This is how older neighborhoods become enviable to others: diligent and dedicated homeowners working carefully, one house at a time.

739 Alabama Street

The Learned House recently changed hands after many years of occupancy by one owner. Mark Kramer, who has lived in Old West Lawrence for a number of years, purchased the property and began taking on the years of deferred maintenance, and we’re sure glad he did. General cleanup, structural repairs, new paint and wall surfaces, trim restoration and landscaping were all part of the program. Updated kitchen and bath areas are next.