The Lawrence Preservation Alliance presents two types of awards to deserving individuals or groups within Lawrence and Douglas County that have contributed to or promoted historic preservation: Preservation Achievement Awards and Preservation in Progress (PIP) Awards. Do you know someone or a project that deserves an award?  Contact LPA to suggest a nomination!

2019 Preservation Achievement Awards event, Cider gallery

2019 Preservation Achievement Awards event, Cider gallery

Preservation Achievement Awards

The Preservation Achievement Awards honor individuals or groups who have contributed in extraordinary ways to preserving buildings or natural sites significant to Lawrence and Douglas County history.  Presented annually from 2009-2011, they are now awarded every other year at a special event in May, which coincides with National Historic Preservation Month.  Recipients may receive the award for one outstanding achievement or for a combination of achievements over several years.

2019 Preservation Achievement Award Winners

Past Preservation Achievement Award Winners

   Shelley Hickman Clark
  Karl Gridley
 Depot Redux & Diane Stoddard
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   Dennis Domer read more . . .
   David & Susan Millstein read more . . .
   Michael Shaw read more . . .

  Betty Alderson
  Carol Francis
  Ray Wilber and Cathy Dwigans

  Ken and Katie Armitage
  Black Jack Battlefield Trust

  Josh and Cari Davis
  Marci Fransisco and Joe Bickford
  St. Luke AME Second Century Fund

  Carolyn Berneking
  Lance Burr
  Castle Tea Room/Kriz Foundation


Preservation in Progress (PIP) Awards

Billy, of billy construction with his Pip Award

Billy, of billy construction with his Pip Award

LPA’s Preservation in Progress (PIP) awards program recognizes local residents or groups who have performed preservation work that improves a structure, promotes preservation concepts or sets the stage for future preservation efforts. They are awarded throughout the year in an effort to put the spotlight on projects large and small.

Current PIP Award Winners

Summer 2019

In the Summer 2019 installment of the PIP Awards, LPA recognizes a whole-house rescue, a sidewalk repair project and an artistic reconstruction at one of the most cherished buildings on the University of Kansas campus.

Past PIP Award Winners

Winter 2019


Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

April 2016

  • Prairie Realty LLC, 1015 Alabama Street, Whole house rehabilitation

  • John Charlton, 1624 Indiana Street, Historic Register Nominations (City, State, and National)

  • Lynnette and Nathan Littlejohn, 321 Indiana Street, Whole house rehabilitation

December 2015

  • 1106 Rhode Island LLC, 1106 Rhode Island Street, Whole property rehabilitation

  • Marci Francisco & Joe Bickford, 1124 Rhode Island Street, Property stabilization

September 2015

  • Pam and Dave Crawford, 715 Illinois Street, Whole house rehabilitation

  • Douglas County Historical Society (DCHS), 1047 Massachusetts Street- Watkins Museum, Window rehabilitation

April 2015

  • Struct/Restruct (Matt Jones and Eric Jay), 946 Ohio Street, Whole house rehabilitation

September 2014

  • Barbara Beach, 501 Tennessee St., Front porch rebuild

  • Tom Harper and Terri Erickson-Harper, 1146 Connecticut St., Whole building rehabilitation

  • Brian and Marilyn Horsch, 444 Louisiana St., Multiple interior and exterior upgrades

  • Jeff Jackson, 401 Mississippi St., Whole house rehabilitation

June 2014

  • Billy Construction, 830 E 13th St., Whole house rehabilitation

  • David Frayer and Jeanette Spencer, 1500 Haskell St., Historic Register nomination

March 2013

  • Brad Eldridge, 1028 Rhode Island St., Whole house rehabilitation

  • Dave and Annie Gnojek, 2910 Peterson Rd., Whole house rehabilitation

  • Tim Keller and Ernie Eck, 1145 Indiana St., Whole house rehabilitation

  • Nathan and Summer Wiedemeyer, 646 Rhode Island St., Whole house rehabilitation

May 2012

  • Elvira Angeletti, 1015 W 9th. St., Exterior storefront rehab

  • Tom Harper, historic register nominations for 1204 Oread Ave. (ECM) and 934 W. 21st St.- The Hyperbolic Paraboloid

  • Gerry Miller, 743 Louisiana St., Exterior and landscape design upgrades

  • Aaron Paden and Lilly Mason, 1208 Delaware St., Whole house rehabilitation